Customised Solutions


We offer our customer not only our standard machine range but tailor-made solutions for every use. Whether it is about special needs like high working speed or extremely precise application weight, Lacom is your capable partner for special solutions. We are able to work with unique materials and offer the same standard in process quality and easiness as for standard concepts. We have a capable team of experts to design and to finalise such complex projects. This benefit provides you the advance you need to implement new developments and products. We equip you with the best possible solution for your project.

The institute for solar and hydrogen energy in Ulm, Germany, uses Lacom technology. This process is based on the application of anode paste on copper foil and cathode paste on aluminum foil. This process requires a very precise application weight of the anode and cathode in the range of less than 10 microns. The foils will then be dried by air nozzles in a contact free drying system. It is very important that the product does not get into contact with any elements of the machine, therefore the laminate is guided in sinus curves through the hover dryer. The application is realized by a slot dye system or with a doctor blade. This custom solution was developed and manufactured completely by Lacom.